Beard Transplantation

"Get the full, natural-looking beard that you desire!"

Beards have been one of the biggest fashion trends of recent years. But, lot of men suffer from beard envy. In recent years the number of men looking into having a beard transplant has vastly increased. Advances in the surgery have led to it a completely safe and painless procedure with great looking results and minimal scarring. A vast majority of guys fail to get full beard due to various reasons, hormonal imbalance being at the top and also because of the surgery or burn and any kind of injury resulted in causing facial hair loss. Also, this condition can be due to illness or hereditary as well. Regardless of any reason beard transplantation provide thickness in the beard area.

Are you seeking a beard hair transplant or an instant/permanent fix for your patchy beard? You are not alone. Beard restoration is one of the effective ways that allow restoration of beard with natural appearing results. Beard hair transplant is a surgical procedure to transplant hair in facial region which lacks the density and fullness. With advanced hair transplant techniques, short recovery periods, and best possible results, Alleyys Aesthetics stands out as a reliable hair transplant destination in Bangalore.

Benefits of Beard Transplantation

At Alleyys Aesthetics we have years of experience in performing beard hair transplantation. Our expertise and state of the art of surgical techniques means that you are always in safe hands.

Why go for Beard Transplantation?

Why go for Beard Transplantation? Beard transplant surgery is increasingly used for facial hair transplants for men seeking healthy and natural looking beards. Beard transplant surgery is proving to be increasingly popular with men from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. A beard transplant is a surgical procedure performed to transplant hair from one part of the body to the face. In some men, facial hair may grow sparsely or there may be areas of patchiness.

The procedure is performed on patients seeking a fuller and thicker beard. Beard Transplantation is a simple solution that alleviates bald patches, creating a full healthy beard or even a well-shaped goatee. Beard restoration surgery can completely alter the appearance of your face, giving it a more contoured line and a fuller, more neatly shaved look.

How Beard Transplant procedure is performed?

The procedure is performed in the same way that a regular hair transplant is performed. There are two methods known as FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicle Unit Transplantation). The FUE technique is a more popular technique used for beard transplants. An FUE transplant involves taking hair from the donor site on the body follicle by follicle, whereas FUT involves taking hair from the donor site in skin strips. Once the hair has been taken from the donor site, it is carefully transplanted to the beard. Beard transplants use the same basic procedure as hair transplants do. The difference will be noticeable immediately after the procedure is completed. As with FUE Hair Transplant the full results are typically expected within few months.

"Restore your beard at Alleyys Aesthetics with the latest advancements and technology available"

FUE Beard Transplants method has many pros and are listed below.

FUE method is a minimally invasive procedure used to restore hair density on different areas of the face.
Improves the density and fullness of sparse or patchy beards.
Simple aftercare and minimal downtime recovery.
Highest density and most natural looking results with high survival rate.
Produce permanent and very natural results in the beard (thick, luscious beard).
No scalpels, no stitches, virtually pain-free, no detectable scarring.
The hair transplanted during an FUE Beard Transplant are placed permanently and will look natural.
This procedure is more demanded, as it is quick, scar less, and provide best results.

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