Eyebrow Transplantation

"Restore your eyebrows in the best possible way!"

Eyebrows play an important role in framing our faces and other facial features. If you have thin or patchy eyebrows, it can have a big impact on your self-confidence. Modern methods of hair replacement can now be used to naturally restore eyebrows and self-confidence. If you are looking for qualified professionals with years of experience to perform eyebrow transplantation in Bangalore then you are landed at right place. We offer a successful and permanent solution to thickening or replacing eyebrows using minimally invasive hair transplantation.

There can be several contributing factors to losing your eyebrows, such as burns, over-plucking, illness, trauma, scarring and genetics, congenital absence of hair, thin or low density brows, lost hair due to medical illness, ageing, thyroid disorders and many such. Eyebrow transplants are equally successful for both men and women. Our commitment is to provide patients with a completely natural-looking way to restore your eyebrow that will last forever. Here, at Alleyys Aesthetics we help you to look and feel the best you can.

Experience the best eyebrow transplants at Alleyys Aesthetics

Looking to get eyebrow transplant? You’re at the right place.
If your eyebrow is thinning, you’re probably looking at ways to restore your hair. Hair transplants are the most effective method of restoration, and they work by taking hair from healthy hair growth and implanting them in areas where hair growth has either stopped or slowed down. We not only restore your hair but restore your confidence. Eyebrow Transplantation is extremely popular treatment which is carried out under the supervision of expert team of professionals.

How is the surgery performed?

Eyebrow loss can affect both men and woman. An eyebrow transplant is a simple, yet sophisticated procedure that require extensive experience and exceptional artistic ability. The correct selection of your donor hair follicles will retain their hair-growing qualities giving lasting new eyebrows. Using the latest technical advances and micro-transplant techniques, we can create natural results that boost your confidence. We employ the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. The process typically involves removing a section of hair from the patient, most commonly from the back of the scalp, and grafting the hair to the eyebrow.

Key points about benefits of eyebrow transplant surgery

The treatment is minimally-invasive and carries minimal risk of any form of scarring or marks.
Ability to recreate a natural occurring hairline.
Increased graft survival rate with natural looking appearance.
Less scarring, no wounds & scars, considerably less pain, faster recovery time.
Effective results with guaranteed satisfaction.

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