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Hair loss is a common condition (hair loses thickness and fullness) encountered by many people by the time they enter their third decade of life. If you're losing hair or your hair is thinning, you need to act quickly. If no appropriate treatment is undertaken, the condition progresses rapidly and leads to severe hair loss. There are many causes of hair loss; anyone who has lost some hair from a burn or scalp injury, owing to various problems like aging, stress, tension, depression, auto-immune diseases, hormonal imbalance, family history, illness and etc.

There are different modalities to manage hair loss. However, hair transplantation has proved to be the most effective and the gold standard treatment for severe hair loss with long lasting results. Surgical hair transplant procedures have evolved tremendously over the years. Thanks to these advances, the results can look so natural that a barber can’t even tell you’ve had anything done. Being expertise in hair transplant surgery, Alleyys Aesthetics provides safe, customized, and compassionate care for every hair transplant patient.

Why opt Alleyys Aesthetics for Surgical Hair Transplantation in Bangalore?

Hair transplantation is a treatment option for both men or women concerned about thinning hair or baldness. It is very and effective procedure to diminish hair loss and stimulate the re-growth of your hair. We are one of the leading hair transplant center in Bangalore that offers high quality Hair Transplant treatment.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Nowadays, balding (patches of thinning hair or a receding hairline) is a major concern for many. We specialize in surgical hair transplantation which is the only hair loss solution that can effectively and rapidly restore hairlines and provide hair loss victims with enough hair to support any hair style irrespective of the extent of hair loss. Hair transplantation surgery is the most effective and lasting method for treating both male and female pattern baldness. It creates natural results that are indistinguishable from surrounding hair.

Hair Transplantation, as the name suggests, is a surgical treatment where hair follicles are transferred/moved from one part of the body (usually scalp (donor area)) to the affected areas (thin or bald area) in order to cover the bald area. All treatments are administered by talented healthcare professionals, in a safe and clinical environment. We are committed to treat each and every patient individually, taking into consideration their personal needs and provide comfort and convenience before and during the procedure with the utmost care and advice.

What are the methods of Hair Transplantation?

There are two commonly performed procedures, which are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to deliver the thickest and best-looking results, however they differ in how the hair follicles are extracted. At Alleyys Aesthetics, our surgeons will tell you which option would be best for you as an individual, as well as the cost and results to expect from the surgery.

Below is a brief overview of several reasons to choose us:

100% natural, permanent and amazing results with guaranteed satisfaction.
With new surgical techniques the procedure is recognized as a minimally invasive procedure
for those who are in the early stages of thinning or are significantly bald.
We employ advanced technology and machinery to ensure effective results with no wounds, considerably less pain, and no scars.
Resolve your hair loss woes permanently and restore a natural-looking hairline with the minimal scarring hair transplant procedure.
Our professionals have the potential to completely regenerate your hair and make your hair glorious, shiny and bouncy and give you back your confidence.
We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the most modern methods and treatments to provide a streamlined contemporary service.
Providing full head of natural, healthy, and growing hair with faster recovery.
Our team of hair loss experts will help you find the best treatment solution to fit your needs and budget.
We maintain high levels of customer service pre and post treatment

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